Technology Assistant

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Full Time
  • Post Date: June 24, 2021
Job Description

Technology Assistant help to identify and fix problems and make sure everyone in a visual
effects (VFX) production pipeline has the tools they need. They have a very good
understanding of how VFX pipelines work and of different VFX job roles. Their expertise
also includes understanding the software used by VFX artists and the needs and
limitations of different departments.
This role work with technology team and can act as a springboard to other roles in our
technology department or other departments.

Job Qualifications:
• Excellent skills for scheduling.
• 4+ years of experience within the VFX or film production industry.
• Experience with Windows and Linux
• Conversant with visual effects terminologies and processes.
• Good established software knowledge
• Understanding of CG/VFX pipeline.
• Good knowledge of issues tracking software like Jira/redmine
• Basic knowledge of python
• Ability to prioritize and work on multiple tasks at a time while remaining efficient and
mindful of strict deadlines in a high pressure environment;
• Good knowledge of documentation
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills required.
• Must be extremely organized and have good time management skills.

Duties & Responsibilities:
• Attends daily scrum meetings.
• Supporting and troubleshooting the pipeline and workflow tools managing data and
• Attend and participate in production meetings with the technology head.
• Facilitate communication between the technology team and the artists. and providing
technical assistance to people in creative departments.
• Work with team to determine the organization’s technology plan.
• Do testing of new technology and tool which introduced by team.
• Managing schedules of team & maintaining timeliness.
• Make document of new features invented by tech team.
• Able to work in Agile work flow environment
• Ensure the database is kept updated daily with notes.
• Make document of new features invented by tech team.
• Ability to work under tight deadlines


Report To: Head Technologist